Dr. Nancy Wayne

Scientist, Educator & Speaker

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Homme de Plume

Women in the Workplace 2022. McKinsey & Company, 2022

Female Faculty: Beware the Non-Promotable Task. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2022

It’s all in the details: start-up packages and ongoing gender bias in academic medicine. STAT: Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine, 2022

Women Earn $2 Million Dollars Less Than Men in Their Careers as Doctors. New York Times, 2021

This Is How Everyday Sexism Could Stop You From Getting That Promotion. New York Times, 2021

You left your toxic workplace. Why does it feel so hard to move on? The Lily, Washington Post, 2021

Return to Office? Some Women of Color Aren’t Ready. New York Times, 2021

How Much Vulnerability at Work Is Too Much? Brené Brown Just Explained in 6 Words. Inc., 2021

6 strategies for parents struggling with work-from-home interruptions. Washington Post, 2021

Small Wins Can Make a Big Impact on Gender Equality. Harvard Business Review, 2020

How White Women Can Use Their Privilege to End Racism. Hamilton TK, ZORA, 2020

Women in Science May Suffer Lasting Career Damage from COVID-19. Scientific American, 2020

The Value of Belonging at Work. Harvard Business Review, 2019

Men are more likely than women to call their science ‘excellent’. Washington Post, 2019

After years of ‘glacial’ change, women now hold more than 1 in 4 corporate board seats. Washington Post, 2019

Racial and gender biases plague postdoc hiring. Science, 2019

Women now make up the majority of the college-educated workforce, but men are still paid more. MarketWatch, 2019

The Open Secrete of Anti-Mom Bias at Work. New York Times, 2018

Research: Women Ask for Raises as Often as Men, but Are Less Likely to Get Them. Harvard Business Review, 2018

Workplace sexism survey shows ‘disturbing’ gap in male and female perception. The Guardian, 2017.

The Truth About the Gender Wage Gap. Vox, 2017.

Male and Female Entrepreneurs Get Asked Different Questions by VCs – and It Affects How Much Funding They Get. Harvard Business Review, 2017.

The Plan to End Science’s Sexist #Manel ProblemWired, 2017.

Can Teaching Spatial Skills Help Bridge the STEM Gender Gap? KQED News, Mind/Shift, 2016

The Business Case for Advancing Women on Boards. HuffPost Women, 2016.

There’s a Key Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Performance Reviews … Men’s Are Actually Useful. Slate, 2016.

How Much Money Is White Male Privilege Worth? One Scientist Did the Math. Slate, 2016.

It’s Time for 100 Women CEOs in the Fortune 500. The Rockefeller Foundation, 2015

Homme de Plume: What I learned sending my novel out under a male name. Jezebel, 2015.

How blind auditions helped orchestras to eliminate gender bias. The Guardian, 2013

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