Dr. Nancy Wayne

Scientist, Educator & Speaker

Workshop Logistics



Each Women Advancing Together® workshop session features a PowerPoint presentation in which Dr. Wayne reviews relevant research and frames discussion topics. Participants then divide into small groups to share information, resources, strategies and tactics based on their individual experiences and what they learned from the presentation. Guided discussion problems are provided. The full group re-convenes and Dr. Wayne moderates a conversation in which small group leaders present key points from each of their discussion groups.


  • Round trip coach airfare. Reimburse ground transportation.
  • Accommodations and meals provided.
  • Computer projector and screen for PowerPoint presentation.
  • Limit of 50 workshop participants works best, but this is flexible. Facilities for round table discussion, with 6-8 participants per table.
  • Workshops typically last 1.5-2 hours, depending on your organization’s scheduling.
  • University, college, and non-profit fee: $2000 for 2 hour workshop + ½ day of consultations. Alternative: Two 2-hour workshops.
  • Regular fee: $5000 for 2 hour workshop + ½ day of consultations. Alternative: Two 2-hour workshops.

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